The more ampere capacity a battery has, the E-Rickshaw will run longer

deep cycle plate chemicals helps in increasing the capacity and increases the volts of the battery.

  • When E-Rickshaw driver drives E-Rickshaw, the battery gets discharged and the volts go down. The volts of the battery go down to 10.5 volts or 10 volts or sometimes even upto 8 volts.
  • This is called deep discharge.
  • When a battery is continuously deep discharged it becomes difficult to recharge the battery till the desired volts and the specific gravity of acid remains low. deep cycle plate chemicals helps in increasing the volts and specific gravity of acid while charging.
  • When a battery is deep discharged continuously either the battery will not get charged or the battery will lose capacity.
  • That means the battery will run for less time.
  • By using  deep cycle plate chemicals in battery plates, the battery can be deep discharged and still it will maintain effective capacity for many months.
  • We also offer T15R
  • T15R  increases the life of the battery by increasing the charge acceptance of the plates.

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Higher Safety Standard

Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety

Maintenance Free

Well-built and specifically designed to reduce water loss, thus making it more durable

All-Weather performance

Built strong with corrosion resistant alloy that offer high-performance even in tough terrains

Faster Cranking

Designed perfectly to start your engine every time, anywhere.


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